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eCottage Synergy [Electronic Cottage]

eCottage Synergy was launched in October 1995. Our portfolio comprises three interconnected service providers: the South African Writers’ Network [comprehensive editorial services, self-publishing], BIZculture [helping entrepreneurs grow, business profiles, solutions and promotional marketing] and Infographic Design [custom infographics]. All three companies are well positioned to adapt to dynamic market conditions due to its core competencies in areas of writing, commerce, publishing and design.


Editorial Services include creative writing, editing and research; business writing, ghost writing; web design and editorial content; e-zines; magazine articles; newsletters; product and press releases; writing business proposals and presentations; speeches; and script writing. Business solutions include business and marketing plans; writing training manuals; product development, advertising, and e-commerce development. Promotional Marketing comprises direct-mail campaigns, promotional clothing, promotional items, corporate gifts; printed literature (brochures, post cards, posters); and multimedia advertising. SAWN was launched in 2000 and serves as a platform for both established and aspirant writers.


BIZculture helps aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners explore viable opportunities to grow their enterprises and offers ideas and guidelines to become financially independent. BIZculture works with large companies, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, education bodies, small businesses, online companies and webmasters, as well as individuals from every walk of life committed to growing a business. We provide the mechanics to start, develop, revive, or re-direct a business in South Africa. The intention of our BIZculture categories – covering most major industries in the country – is to inspire self-employment (particularly among our youth) and to encourage entrepreneurs in general to generate ideas to further develop their current business venture or launch a new start-up enterprise. BIZculture also offers our clients guidelines on how to adopt a policy of social responsibility to boost social upliftment in impoverished communities BIZculture was launched in 2010 and serves as a platform for business owners, managers and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Our creative team comprises graphic designers, fine artists, copy writers, and off-the-wall creative geniuses – all attuned to the functionality of an overall market-oriented art piece that conveys a great story! We specialize in transforming complex information into a quick, logical and memorable interpretation, using eye-catching visuals, colour and concise text. We offer customized infographic design that is intended to suit your personal vision. The service includes research, writing, design and implementation of the infographic for your business or website. We are also able to create interactive and embedded graphics or icons that can be used for promotional purposes.  Infographic Design was launched in 2014 and serves as a platform to develop possibilities that infographics offer for information  dissemination; infographics provide  visual stimulus and useful information to promote brand image.


How we got our name

The book The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler played a decisive role in naming the company. An extract from the book that most impressed is “A powerful tide is surging across much of the world today, creating a new, often bizarre, environment in which to work, play, marry, raise children, or retire. In this bewildering context, businessmen swim against highly erratic economic currents, politicians see their ratings bob wildly up and down; universities, hospitals, and other institutions battle desperately against inflation. Value systems splinter and crash, while the lifeboats of family, church, and state are hurled madly about.” There is a section about the Electronic Cottage. “Hidden inside our advance to a new production system is a potential for social change so breathtaking in scope that few among us have been willing to face its meaning. For we are about to revolutionize our homes as well.” Toffler describes that three hundred years ago only a madman would have dreamed that the time would come when the masses of peasants working in the fields, would crowd into urban factories to earn their daily bread.

“Today it takes an act of courage to suggest that our biggest factories and office towers may, within our lifetimes, stand half-empty, reduced to use as ghostly warehouses or converted into living space.” Yet this is precisely what Information Technology makes possible – a return to cottage industry on a new, higher, electronic basis, and with it a new emphasis on the home as the centre of society. Already many companies are letting their employees work from home, or outsourcing work to freelance home entrepreneurs. An appreciable amount of work is already being done at home by a burgeoning pool of specialized consultants in diverse industries, including:

  • Art Dealers
  • Architects
  • Publishers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Dental Surgeons
  • Psychologists
  • Investment Counselors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Lawyers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Academic Researchers
  • Writers/Editors/Researchers
  • Business Consultants
  • IT Specialists
  • Web Designers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Writers



Author: Theresa Lutge-Smith

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