We have compiled separate lists of the questions we are asked most often. However, should you have questions not dealt with here please email Theresa [ecottage@gmail.com] and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Q: How can SAWN assist aspiring or freelance writers?

A: SAWN provides a copy editing service [light, medium, heavy, stylistic, structural and developmental] to prepare manuscripts, reports or articles for publication, as well as write proposals to submit sample chapters to subsidy book publishers, and self-publishing [publishing choices, submitting a manuscript, story ideas]. SAWN also introduces New Authors. Follow our blog posts on writing-related topics:

Q:  How can SAWN assist an author to create or develop their writing?

A: Our team of language specialists are able to assist in a variety of ways:

  • Developing subject matter commissioned by an author, while maintaining originality;
  • Using literary skills to develop themes and story lines, while making characters and plots believable;
  • Working to tight deadlines;
  • Offering recommendations to enhance pre-written content through copy editing [light, medium, heavy, stylistic, structural and developmental];
  • Undertaking independent research as required;
  • Conducting interviews with people by phone or email;
  • Submitting material for the authors’ approval, in the required and expected format;
  • Ghost writing [writing for others under the other person’s name];
  • Assisting an author to self-publish their work;
  • Providing a critiquing service to writers;
  • Writing a review, synopsis and author biography;
  • Creating book cover designs and content illustrations;
  • Assisting an author to present a written proposal to a subsidy book publisher (Please Note: SAWN is not a Literary Agent);
  • Developing a marketing campaign to promote self-published works.
  • Writing articles on diverse topics for publication [print or online];
  • Reading books or online sources to gain an understanding of the topic;
  • Preparing layouts and incorporating graphic images to support text;
  • We understand the importance of client confidentiality, and will sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement if required;
  • All work is guaranteed plagiarism free;

Q:  Can SAWN assist entrepreneurs or business managers in producing quality written material?

A: SAWN is able to produce business literature to showcase products and services to develop brand identity. List of services.



Q: What is the function of BIZculture?

A: BIZculture assists aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners or manager’s to explore viable opportunities to develop their enterprise. Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises routinely face problems that threaten their chances of growing and becoming successful. We offer guidelines to help new business owners and manager’s identify threats and shortcomings, acquire essential skills to successfully run the business, and cut unnecessary expenses. BIZculture works with large companies, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, education bodies, small businesses, online companies and webmasters, as well as individuals from every walk of life committed to growing their business venture. Follow our blog on diverse business-related topics:

BIZculture business categories highlight key economic sectors. The intention of our BIZculture categories is to encourage self-employment [particularly among our youth]. BIZculture offers  guidelines on how to generate new ideas to further develop their current business venture or launch a new start-up enterprise, as well as adopt a policy of social responsibility to boost social upliftment within impoverished communities.

Q: What other business documents are developed by BIZculture?

A: Business plans include:

  • Micro Business Plan: Our fast-track micro business plan is perfect for deciding whether or not to proceed with a new business;
  • Business Plan for a new enterprise [Start-Up] is a formal business plan that forces the new business owner to think through the key elements necessary to start and run a business (i.e. financial aspects, sales requirements, etc.) and to build and service a client base (i.e. manpower needs, systems, etc.).
  • Turnaround Business Plan for a troubled business to rebuild a troubled business or to prevent a bankruptcy filing; root cause of problems must be identified before a new business plan can be developed.
  • Business Plan to rejuvenate the mature business (when growth stops) Established businesses today have a hard task maintaining sustainable growth and all are concerned that yesterday’s engines of wealth creation may fail and in effect reverse their prosperity. Converting a mature organization into one that is dynamic and capable of delivering innovative strategy requires the ability to initiate radical change in both strategy and organizational capability.

We also develop:


Q: How can an Info-graphic promote my product or brand?

A: creatively designed infographic, due to its condensed information and embedded graphics or icons, is an excellent marketing tool. It is also one of the premier ways of showing your knowledge  and expertise in a particular  field in a way that is  accessible and easy to understand.

Q: How comprehensive are your teams’ skills to design an effective info-graphic?

A: Our creative team comprises graphic designers, fine artists, copy writers, and off-the-wall creative geniuses – all attuned to producing a market-oriented art piece that conveys a great story! We specialize in transforming complex information into a quick, logical and memorable interpretation, using eye-catching visuals, colour and concise text.

Q: What can info-graphics be used for?

A: This effective medium is used to influence audiences through creative visual storytelling or supporting a complex argument. Online infographics are equally effective in real-time, when printed in newspapers, books, posters, advertisements, advertorials, training manuals, annual reports, bookmarks, and so forth. The intention of an informative and well-designed infographic is to grow awareness of an idea, campaign, service, resume, company or product. When viewing an infographic people expect to be fascinated, emotionally enthralled and intellectually stimulated. The art of creating an inspirational infographic is to arrange the content material in such a way that the complete art piece is sufficiently aesthetically pleasing to induce the reader to scrutinize the sequential message. > More

Q: What is the cost to produce a custom info-graphic?

A: The bottom line is determined according to a client’s specifications: original artwork or clip art; whether condensed text is supplied by client or produced in-house; whether the design layout is basic or complex, and so forth. Standard info-graphic designs are priced from R500.